It’s the end of the year! That went by pretty quick!

So, as we near the end of the year, it’s time to look back and reflect upon goals that you set yourself back in January. What were the goals? Did you hit them? If you did, then give yourself a high five and let’s create some new ones!

But… If you didn’t, what happened? Was it poor planning, poor preparation; or something genuinely out of your control?

Lots of goals are set at the start of the year, this can change due to any number of circumstances. My Goals certainly changed when I realised that I was loosing the exciting, buzz about training and actually at one point didn’t want to train because I lost the enjoyment for it. It didn’t stop me but it certainly wasn’t the same.

I decided that I just wanted to enjoy my training, fall back in love with CrossFit and joining in on some classes to mix in with the crew. My whole life had pretty much been about competing and working hard to be the best. But that mindset can wear off after a while. But that’s not a bad thing. At that very moment, my goals changed from hitting a 140KG Snatch & 180KG Clean and jerk, to a just find a way to enjoy my training and not getting caught up on the end goal of numbers.

That didn’t mean I stopped training towards something. Even though motivation factors had me sometimes looking at the floor and thinking I didn’t want to do it, I still did bits and cut down on the training from 3 hours to 1. Training is now about being healthy and having fun.

Coming back from a setback

Most of us at some stage, suffer from mental barriers and setbacks in training; some days you feel great and are excited to get going, and others not so much. When you start to lose that motivation it is easy to create excuses not to go. We believe it certainly helps to have a specific target to be working towards at all times. Is there something you would like to achieve if you knew how, and if you worked hard for it? We also believe that having the End goal in your head is a great tool to focus the mind. But we need to focus on the effort that goes into that rather than focusing on the end goal.

For example:

If you wanted to drop 3-5KG n Bodyweight. Your first real hurdle is 1KG off. If you drop 1KG and still think ‘Ive got another 4 to go’ sometimes that can be disheartening and have a negative effect on our approach. By the time 2KG comes off you start to feel that 4KG is taking forever, and starting to feel like its unachievable. It’s not, just by breaking it down bit by bit to make it happen.

Then we have to find out ‘The Why?’

Why do you want to be able to do that pull-up or be stronger altogether?

Is it because you want to go climb a mountain that you did as a child? Or did something that you feel you couldn’t achieve now? Or just something new altogether.

Maybe you want to be fit and strong because when you grow older you want to be able to run around with your grandchildren, play with them and not be held back.

Maybe you want to be fit and strong because you want to feel good, look good and feeling more confident in your own skin!

Whatever has helped you succeed in your goals or not, reflect on it, work out why it happened like it did and make a plan to improve it in time for 2018.