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Meet the Gravesend Gym Coaches

With years of experience, full qualifications and a dedication to help you beat your health and fitness goals, our Gravesend gym coaches know exactly how to get you to where you want to be.

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Start Your Journey at NWK Gravesend

Our beginners classes are for anyone just getting started on their fitness journey. If you’re experienced in CrossFit, check out our group fitness classes or get personal coaching for a more personalised fitness plan.

Beginners are always welcome at NWK Gravesend, though there are also plenty of options for athletes and advanced members to fine-tune their fitness levels.

Some members sign up and begin straight away, taking advantage of our inexpensive beginners programme. It’s the ideal way to see for yourself how effective and satisfying the NWK Fitness classes can be for losing weight, gaining muscle and toning up. Sign up today and find out what you’re truly capable of.

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NWK Gym in Gravesend FAQs

What happens in exercise classes at the Gravesend gym?

NWK classes at our Gravesend gym draw together the best and most productive elements of other exercise routines and even some sporting activities. The carefully devised programmes at our gym in Gravesend offer an intense exercise regimen using CrossFit methodology that works to support, strengthen, and improve your whole body.

Why should I participate in group fitness classes in Gravesend?

If you join our well-established NWK gym in Gravesend, our coaches and community are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. This community approach offers you the added benefits of invaluable encouragement from like-minded local people who live or work in the Gravesend area. They are likely to be the first people who want to celebrate with you when you achieve each milestone in your fitness journey. This is where NWK was born. Here you are exposed to the community that keeps on giving.

Do you have personal trainers at the Gravesend gym?

Yes, we have some of the best personal trainers in Gravesend available at our Gravesend gym. We run one-to-one personal training programmes for those who want to up their fitness game to the next level and for those requiring additional support or who have unique requirements. All of our coaches are fully trained and experts in this area.

What are the coaches like at NWK Gravesend?

Our coaches are the best trainers in Kent. They won’t “go easy” on you, but they’ll help you break through your boundaries, keep you on track and make sure you achieve your fitness goals. They will always be approachable and professional in supporting your fitness programme.

I’m new to CrossFit. Where do I start with CrossFit at the NWK Gravesend gym?

The team at NWK Gravesend offer a low-cost introductory course consisting of 6 hour-long sessions. Learn how CrossFit exercises can help you to achieve your perfect body and smash your fitness goals.

How do I join NWK Gravesend?

Join a training programme that works for your schedule and fitness level. Get in touch with our friendly team to book onto the Beginners Programme.