NWK CrossFit’s Member of the Month is Julia Covill!

1. When and how did you get started with us? 

I joined about 2 years ago. I used to train with Louise (Another member) at Virgin but after she joined Crossfit she encouraged me to join. I thought it all sounded too tough for me, but I soon realised it was something for everyone and was hooked straight away.

2. Favourite workout/least favourite workout? 

My favourite is the Saturday AM class as I like the longer WODs (Saturdays are always Pairs work). The atmosphere is amazing and it’s great being with a partner, Also I enjoy the variety of them. My least favourite is any that involve a long run or 100’s of burpees, but after Monday they don’t seem so bad! (Previous Monday was a lot of burpees).

3. What are your hobbies, other than CrossFit? 

I do not get a lot of time for hobbies but I enjoy cooking, Walking the dog and meeting up with friends and family.

4. What was it like when you first joined? 

I was nervous, especially when I first came on my own but soon realised what a supportive friendly place it is. The team and others really made me feel welcome!

5. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? 

Having all the children here together on Christmas Day! Now with the added bonus of having the grandchildren and sharing their excitement!

6. What’s your favourite thing about NWK? 

Coming away knowing I have given it my all, I am older than most but I get treated the same and pushed, encouraged and love that I often train with My Son & Daughter, with the daughter in law also! It’s a family affair! My first WOD was a long run in the wind and rain! (I still hate running) I was last out on the run, but another member came back out and ran in with me, just about sums up our community!

7. What the last thing you searched for on Google? 

A mat for the hall to cope with a muddy puppy! Always causes a mess!

8. What would be your favourite holiday and why? 

GOA! I have been lucky enough to have been 13 times! The perfect weather, food and the people are great. I have also met a lot of new friends there also!

9. What’s your favourite CrossFit girls workout? 

Maybe Cindy. Not really got a favourite one. Anything with running is not a favourite.

10. What drives you to be better every day and week? 

To keep myself as healthy and active as I can, because then I can go on enjoying life to its full! I feel Crossfit helps me do this by keeping me active and helping me become stronger and fitter every day (friends my age think I’m mad but they are also impressed) I come away feeling proud of what I can achieve at my age (56). Nobody judges you, they just encourage you! We are here to help each other!

11. If there was anything you could have in the world, what would it be? 

My Dad.